quiet days

With all that’s going on in the world, I am thankful to be snuggled in with a big, sweet dog and not scared or threatened tonight. I’m also glad that Ib is safe in DC, instead of on a reporting trip to Ferguson, MO, where two of his coworkers are not so lucky. Feels providential that his trip to Wisconsin impeded that particular travel while I think of and pray for the people in the US and abroad who are not so lucky.


I can’t say my trip home had been exciting. It’s been a bit busy — full of lovely, quiet activities. Long walks with the dogs, lunches with a wonderful cousin and her beautiful toddlers, catching frogs with my six-year-old goddaughter, and cups of tea on the deck with an episode of The Good Wife. Season 4. Oh man. Out of hand on that one.


I’ve read a lot, but my real goal for vacation was to get some blog posts queued up for when I’m busy starting a new job next week. But then I left my computer charger in DC. A+ work, B. I also am having pretty terrible allergies. I’m a delightful traveler, and I’m sure my parents are glad to have me snotting up their house.

I’m looking forward to taking the recovery back to the lake. I never feel like I have enough time there, but what would feel like enough? A hop up to Our Lady of Good Help tomorrow, and then back up to the lake. Such a stark contrast to the rest of the world, but this post reminded me of how and why I need to appreciate these blessings and do what I can rather than looking over my shoulder at the evil in the world.

Welp. On that note.



One thought on “quiet days

  1. I’ve been having really terrible allergies this summer, too. :/ I heard there’s an extra high pollen count, because of that horrible winter everyone had. By the way, that water looks so blue and idyllic!

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