home again home again

It was a long couple weeks wrapping up at work. Long hours, tying up loose ends, and making sure everything is set for my successor. But the payoff is real. I’m now at the lake with the family and no work dragging my mind away from the tasks at hand: relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the excellent company.


After a 6am flight out of National, I connected through Chicago and was in my sister’s car before 9am. Whirlwind errands and another drive, and we were at the lake.

Such a treat when waking up from a nap results in glorious dusk views.


I fell asleep last night with a dog in the bed next to me but woke up with a much better roommate.

br />

Being at the lake may have already thrown a few days of the Whole30 off the rails, but I think this is the better end of the deal.<

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