tennis and a last sugar hurrah

It was a lovely weekend, and a lovely week has continued from there.


Two long-time friends of Ibrahim — we’re talking grade school — came into town. Lauren’s brother Tim plays tennis on the professional circuit and just finished his run at the Citi Open last night.


We spent the weekend having a DC runaround of adventures with Lauren and Peter, and then when Peter had to return to grad school in Philly, we went back to work and then watched tennis in the evenings. Shockingly, we were wearing pants and jackets on Tuesday night during Tim’s match. DC, what is going on? Did we secretly move to California? Not complaining, it was wonderful.


Even though it was a bummer for Tim to lose, he had a great win against Jeremy Chardy on Tuesday, and I ate a giant funnel cake last night. It was wonderful but so very deeply regrettable.


Especially because I am coping with an insane sugar hangover today as I begin … the Whole30. It’s a joke to think that I will not be evil for a while, even with a little cheating. I am going to be evil. But I am going to stick to it. Because
the whole internet is also doing it, or something so close it’s basically indistinguishable. And their will power has inspired me. I can do it, too. And beat my cravings and work on fixing my relationship with food, and feel better because my gut is healthy. That funnel cake did not a healthy gut make.


I’ll feel better later. Like in 3o days.

PS I stole a bunch of these photos from Ibrahim.


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