la-la-la-link loving

Here are some things I liked on the internet recently.

My blogging time has been lost to Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood. I’m on the A List. Here is proof:


So to make up for my tardiness of late, I’m bringing you a second post today. I know you’ve been hankering. Right? Right?!?!

1. Catholics Meet the Kardashians on Fine Linen and Purple

Apropos of my excuse for not having a real post to show… If you know anything about me, you probably know two of my MAJOR interests are living faith and the Kardashian family. Bam. Served ya up a great link. It’s like this piece was written FOR me. I am 100% going to read something pegged on how I can apply Kardashian logic to my moral life. If you are interested in looking at the Kardashians with rosy glasses OR Catholic life, I would recommend this. If you are interested in both, why are you still reading this sentence when you could be reading the article I already linked you to?!?!

2. Grover Norquist Explains Why He’s Going to Burning Man by Emma Roller

LOL. I don’t even know where to go with this. Please read this actual article on a real news site by my serious journalist friend Emma. This is not satire.

3. Bachelorette Final Score on Clickhole

I’ve been watching The Bachelorette all summer and will admit the kissing on this show grosses me out. Why is it so heavy in the mic mix? I don’t need to hear all of that smacking. Clickhole takes on the hard questions of the show here — who got kissed more?!

4. Gratuitous Animal Buzzfeed Post

This one has a cute video of a puppy and a baby. That’s all.


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