back to the beach


A few Saturdays ago, we went to the beach with some lovely friends who have a car. I meant to post this a few days ago, but we had company this weekend, and I was happily busy bopping around DC with them.

It had been about three years since I had last been in the Atlantic proper, so I had forgotten that the water kind of freaks me out. I like my water clear with no surprises, having been spoiled by family trips to Captiva (see the million posts from earlier this summer) and clear Wisconsin lakes (one million more posts forthcoming — soon!). But I also had forgotten how fun it is to swim in surf. I played in the cold waves for a while and we hung out on the crowded beach, but we sadly got rained out a bit early.


Rain never hurt anyone too badly, but we took it as an excuse to visit the Dogfish Head pub off the beach. The food was mediocre… so mediocre, as was the service,  but the beer made up for it. And it was nice to have a beer since we had been yelled at by a beach cop for trying to drink on the beach earlier.

The trip to Rehoboth was quick but worth it, if only for the time spent jamming to our favorite high school bands in the car on the way back. Excuse me for a moment while I crank up some Guster.


Beach snack attack:


Puppy chow. The snack of middle school girls. I basically still am one. So I made two enormous gallon bags of this goodness. It recently came to my attention that puppy chow is a regional specialty, and so let me explain it in case you aren’t aware. I am going to use a math equation because all this Common Core talk swirling around makes me want to remember how to do algebra.

(Rice Chex + melted(peanut butter+chocolate+butter)) + powdered sugar = delight

Order of operations. My dear Aunt Sally something something.


And K Bars… basically scotcheroos. These are from a special recipe perfected by one of my mom’s college roommates, and she brought them camping with us every summer of my childhood. I made both because did anyone ever have too much peanut butter and chocolate? Nope. Didn’t think so.

Thankfully for my dignity, we did not finish all of the sweets at the beach. Which was good for my “trying to be healthy” life, but also because a good friend of mine held her 25th birthday party that night and I had treats to bring!

That Sunday was a more normal Sunday for us but still incredibly fun — La Colombe, “Nats Mass” at St. Vincent de Paul in Navy Yards, the Nats game — as you might have guessed — but with the added bonus of realizing our friends were up in a box with free Miller Lite. I am the classiest, so we joined them for the last few innings.


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