five favorites: the summer polar vortex and “little lamps”

(This photo has nothing to do with this post, I just thought this tiled wall was pretty at dinner the other night.)photo 3

1. Summer Polar Vortex

You remember the polar vortex this winter? I was not into it then, but when the summer polar vortex drops the weather from the mid-nineties to the low-eighties, I am a big fan. DC is heavenly today: breezy, warm, sunny. It almost makes up for the globby, damp misery that was the last week.

2. “On Being

I love this podcast. I mean, it’s really a radio show, but I listen to it on my phone. It’s a great dose of intellect, faith, and life from many, many perspectives. One of my favorite episodes is this conversation with Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche. He’s my kind of living saint.

Here is a poorly transcribed quote from the episode:

“What we can do is what Ghandi says — we can’t change the world, but I can change. And if I change and I seek to be more open to people and less frightened of relationship, if I begin to see what is beautiful within them, if I recognize also that there is brokenness because I am also broken and that’s okay, then there’s something that begins to happen. But it’s so countercultural, but that doesn’t matter. What has happened, what I sense for the future of our poor little world, with all its ecological difficulties and financial difficulties, that maybe the big thing that’s going to happen is that lights of love will spread over the country, little places where people love each other and welcome the poor and the broken. Where each other… we give to each other our gifts and have these little little places, and that the world is — you know, well never hit the headlines but we’ll be creating these little lamps, and if there is a sufficient number of little lamps in each village and each part of the city, well then the glow will be a little bit greater.”

3. This Smitten Kitchen salad

photo 1

Yo. Tangy dressing, peppery arugula, snappy green beans, and POTATOES. Sold. This is so good. I left out the walnuts, but I would say the walnut oil in the dressing is clutch here. Makes the whole thing deeper and nuttier. Love it.

4. Dolcezza Gelato

This local chain just opened a gorgeous new location that is a leeeeeetle too convenient to home. But I can’t actually complain, because berries and mascarpone gelato? Champagne mango sorbetto? I will be there. Oh, I will be there.

5. Novena to St Josemaria Escriva for Work

I mentioned a while ago that my dad and I were busy praying this novena, which had been recommended by Katrina. I had been praying to be better in serving my job and to find fulfillment in my daily tasks. Instead, I ended up being offered a new job (rather unexpectedly) that seems to be a much better fit for my talents, getting to write, communicate, and work with people while working for a company focused on serving a public mission. So, yeah. I will be praying this novena again as I get ready to begin my new job. Truly a powerful intercessor even though I was a bit stunned with the way my prayer was answered.


4 thoughts on “five favorites: the summer polar vortex and “little lamps”

  1. That salad looks SO good!! The polar vortex is okay… I was actually COLD when I went for a run this morning. As in, I considered going in and putting pants on at first. 52 in July. CRAZY.

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