one of the cool kids

This week I got to hang out with some cool people.



Jay Z.


Actually no, as you can tell, neither of them is any more aware of my existence than they were before this week. Irrelevant. It was still basically the best concert I’ve been to.

But I did meet this fellow — Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.


Not my greatest photo, but I had been rained on and overheated in the course of the evening. Pardon the vanity.

He is the archbishop emeritus of the DC diocese and now is an expert on religion and diplomacy. He is 84 years old and spends most of the year traveling the world — in the last few months he has been to the Holy Land with the pope’s tour and China, and he heads to Argentina soon. No big.

He said mass for the young adults and then had pizza and beer with us, and I had the opportunity to listen to him talk about his recent travels and feelings about what’s going on in the Holy Land.


He was just in Gaza four months ago and was also there following the 2012 conflicts. I asked what we can do to pray for people affected by the current strife, and he asked me to pray the Memorare. I hope you will, too.

How can you say no to this guy, just enjoying his Yuengling:


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