the new city of brotherly love

IMG_4461 So after all my biznatching over United on Thursday, my favorite brother eventually did touch down in DC on the morning of the 4th. We had an absolutely delightful 4th of July weekend tooling around the city and laying low in the apartment. Literally laying: IMG_4471 I kind of wanted to leave this air mattress set up for a while, but the coffee table is back, mostly because it’s easier to eat chips and salsa with it out. After Kevin landed, we gave him about 4 minutes to shower and regroup from “sleeping” in the Cleveland airport before hustling him back onto the metro to head on over to Nats Park to enjoy America’s Pasttime. IMG_4486 Thank you to Kev for these awesome seats. They were playing the Cubs, the team we were raised to root for, and the Cubbies took the game pretty shamelessly. Even though Kevin has converted to the Brewers, Ibrahim doesn’t really have any baseball affiliation, and I just basically cheer for either of these teams, we had a great time. Half-smokes all the way and cheese fries did NOT hurt the situation. Thanks, Nats and Ben’s Chili Bowl, we felt very patriotic kicking off our DC weekend. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Bluejacket, and we watched the fireworks from the roof of our apartment building and rounded off the night with Amsterdam Falafel… So began the gluttony. Saturday ramped up with Astro Doughnuts. I did not take more pictures of those because if I look at them, I crave them. They were necessary to fuel our ten miles of trekking around the sights — the White House, plenty of monuments, Farragut, DuPont, and points between. IMG_4487 Lincoln never fails to please, and Kevin hadn’t seen MLK yet, which I think he found really impressive, if only for the setting on the Tidal Basin. But for me, it was really striking to see the Washington Monument without the scaffolding up close for the first time since I moved here. IMG_4466 IMG_4465 A little World Cup, a lot of 2Amy’s (another thing I am not allowed to be near photos or thoughts of), and a turn around Georgetown gave Kev a chance to get a taste for a lot of the city in a short amount of time. It’s hard to pack all the things I would have liked to share with him into a weekend, so we made a point not to cram it all in. The weekend was more enjoyable with some room to relax and hang out together without feeling the stress of trying to GET TO EVERYTHING in less than 3 days, especially coming off Thursday’s fiasco. We rounded off Sunday with an idyllic brunch at one of my parents’ favorite spots — IMG_4485 It was so great to have a chance to spend time with my brother in DC, since he hadn’t been able to visit previously, and we were blessed with the most perfect weather. So great that I booked a ticket home for August while he was here… on United. I deserve whatever comes to me on that front. IMG_4484No makeup and dirty hair but MAD FILTER. Thanks, phone photo editing for helping a tired girl out even in a super awkwardly posed photo. Come back soon, Kevin — but not too soon, my bank account and eating habits need a little time to recover…


3 thoughts on “the new city of brotherly love

  1. What a fun way for me to share in your weekend! It does a father good to know his children love and respect each in addition to enjoying each other’s company!

  2. Brigid thanks for sharing your fun weekend. It does a father well to see his children enjoy each other’s company. Glad the weekend turned out so well!

  3. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great time! Love the pictures and the writing and my kiddos-how can you be in such a big city without your Mom? I would have over crammed the weekend and made everyone miserable, glad I taught you a few things.

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