rage against the airlines

Happy Fourth of July! I have been looking forward to celebrating the weekend with my brother for what seems like ages and was looking forward to his arrival yesterday in the early evening. Fast forward, and he has just departed Cleveland to arrive at 10am today… a city that was not in his travel itinerary. AirTran canceled his flight out of Milwaukee due to the fringes of Hurricane Arthur that have been hanging out near the DC area, and so our amazing dad scrambled him onto a new United flight to transfer through Cleveland and arrive at National Airport at 10pm.

My frustration started out small.

Then the delays started.

Because nothing is more effective than taking out your anger than to use social media to contact faceless corporate behemoths. These are the third and fourth delays out of Cleveland.

It was past my bedtime, and I was SALTY and about to give up. But then! United threw me the tiniest bone.

And so I really started going off. Really going for sainthood and virtue. Or not.

And then my brother and I had a great idea.

I really just wanted him to be able to sleep on the brand new air mattress I bought instead of the floor of an airport.

Gave up and went to bed. And woke up to this.

Thanks, United. And thanks for the additional delay this morning because a stewardess was late. Really glad you’re basically the only travel option to get to my hometown airport. Flying with you is such a joy.

Linking up with Blythe. United and I are both hot messes to the max. There is no pride in this and definitely no victory. But we WILL be at the Nats/Cubs game, even if it means we show up with a suitcase. Isn’t that the true sign of independence? Overcoming whatever adversity may come along so that we can all enjoy some baseball?


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