This hilarious spot is around the corner from my block, and I sometimes walk by just for my own personal satisfaction. You never know when you may need these services.


What’s up. Astro Donuts. The one in the upper left is a creme brulee donut, and LET ME TELL YOU, it was arguably one of the most perfect things I have ever eaten. Available dangerously close to my home, which means it is just in the same universe as I would go anywhere within my power to eat one again. Also pictured (clockwise): vanilla glazed, passion fruit, pb&j, caramel macchiato. It’s dumb how good these are. Go eat them.


As far as round, carby things go, DC does donuts far better than they do bagels. This bagel was only even good because I was hungover. Who, me? Only because I can’t hold my alcohol worth anything, so a hangover is basically inevitable. Thank you, bagel. You cured me.

But for serious, thank you to the darling, darling Emma for bringing back to me one of the things Wisconsin does best. NEW GLARUS, BABY!


For serious, this brewery is the be-all, end-all of beer for me. I will drink it any time. Can’t buy it outside of Wisconsin, so I made sure I enjoyed it to the fullest… while crisping up on the roof of my house. When I go up there, it’s the egg-on-the-sidewalk kind of situation. Really appealing for everyone.


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