nostalgia, with clowns


Do you like clowns? I’m not a huge fan, let me tell you. But I am a fan of delicious cake and weird places. This is another vacation post, in case you were wondering. And yes, I’ve been back for basically a month.


This is my beautiful younger sister. She is six feet tall. When she was a first grader, we went to Sanibel Island for the first time, which gave us our first exposure to the Bubble Room, with their games, orange blossom cake, and weird clowns.


Their wait staff are known as Bubble Scouts, and for years, she planned on becoming one when she grew up. I think she’s decided against it, but her love of the Bubble Room lives on and deserved a trip to the restaurant. We checked out the clowns, the games, and the weird nostalgic decor. Nostalgic for what, I’m unsure, but that seems to be the only adjective that fits.

20140619-085911-32351679.jpgI love the cake so much that I tried to coerce Ibrahim into kissing the slice with me. Let me tell you — orange blossom cake with almonds on top is a dream. Someday I will try to recreate it… I’ll let you know how that goes.


Merry Christmas in July! (a bit early.)

There’s a non-vacation post I want to post today on behalf of St Josemaria Escriva’s feast day today — my dad and I have been praying a novena for him, and OH MY… he is a powerful intercessor indeed. More to come on that front…

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