20140613-094646-35206254.jpg I didn’t bring my watch on vacation. “You think you are having a good time, but time is really the greatest obstacle in the world to happiness. Not only because it makes you take pleasure successively, but also you are never really happy until you are unconscious of the passing of time. The more you look at the clock, the less happy you are, the more you enjoy yourself, the less conscious you are of the passing of time. You say, time passed like everything. Maybe, therefore, your happiness had something to do with the eternal.” – Fulton Sheen There was kayaking in mangroves and with manatees. 20140613-094245-34965520.jpg


20140613-094532-35132058.jpg Drinks

. 20140613-094719-35239433.jpg

Sibling time. 20140613-095347-35627733.jpg Beach lounging.

20140613-094719-35239113.jpg I wish my whole summer looked like this.

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