Spending the week on Captiva, a barrier island on the Gulf side of Florida, has been a treat. My grandma is along for the trip, and to be honest, her hearing loss is helping keep the peace. She’s been knocked out by allergies, though, and with intermittent storms also in play, this was the first night we enjoyed a beach sunset.



It was worth the wait.

With the rain limiting my ability to build a base sunburn, I basically let it rip on my skin today with slightly less sunscreen. (I’m lily white, though, so there was still 55 SPF involved.) Luckily, the fall out was not too great, and my shoulders look more like Benefit Hula got brushed all over my shoulders rather than what I expected, which was like I had bathed in Benetint. Nothing like the deep purple sunburn. Can’t remember the last time I avoided that nightmare, but this is my lucky week, I guess.


No filter. I didn’t wake up like this because I woke up like a saltwater nightmare.

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