breakfast slump: exit stage left


I’ve spent the last few weeks in a breakfast slump, depending on packaged bars and protein drinks to power my day. While these can be lifesavers on occasion, I’d prefer not to make them a part of my breakfast routine.

I had been trying to think of options that were both quick and delicious when I spotted some gorgeous tropical fruit at the store yesterday.

With a little Sunday night fruit and grain prep, the bowl pictured above came together in about a minute this morning.

Last night, I whipped up some overnight oats and quinoa using almond milk and goji berries in both. The berries plumped up nicely overnight, and my base was ready to go.

With my morning portion of oats and quinoa, I threw in a dollop of cultured coconut milk, kiwano melon (prepped last night), blackberries, and banana.

Delicious, satisfying, and spring appropriate. I think it will be a good day.

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