jrink three day reboot

I dove into a three day juice cleanse by Jrink two weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the reset it provided me. I’ve been training for a half-marathon, and my eating had gotten a little ridiculous with post-run hunger. The Jrink reboot really did reboot my system and remind my body what feels good to eat (and what doesn’t!).

My skin and digestion were better after the three days, and I was still able to do my Pilates Reformer class, swim, and walk without feeling too worn down, which was a major plus.



On the flip side, there are not more cute photos of juice because I was insanely busy at work and feeling a bit sluggish from antibiotics all at the same time. The Jrink cleanse included a superfood bar, which helped a lot with needing something to chew, but there is a duplicate juice during the day, which increased my boredom level — the same six juices for three days is already repetitive enough for me, so having one of them 6 times over the course of the reboot really got me bored. Because of my antibiotics, I went off-cleanse a bit more than I would have liked to as well. I’d like to give the whole thing another go-round later this spring while not on horse pills and see if things go better for me (and see if I can customize the cleanse a bit so I am not repeating a juice during the day).

Having done a Gouter tonic cleanse last year and enjoyed it, I am also curious about some of the other local reboot options here in DC, like Puree and South Block. Any recommendations on a favorite local reboot?20140301-124222.jpg

In any case, green juice and hot water with lemon (and turmeric and/or cayenne) is still one of my favorite ways to wake up.


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